Federico Moro

Federico Moro

Height 185 cm
Hair Color profile.hair_color.black-brown
Eye Color Hazelnut Brown
Nationality Italian
Acting Age 28 - 38
Residence Giulianova
Housing Options Rome, Milan, Caltanissetta, Novara
  • English: native-language
  • Italian: native-language
  • French: medium
  • Spanish: basic
  • American: only when required
  • Neapolitan (Italian): only when required
  • Roman (Italian): only when required
  • Sicilian (Italian): only when required
Sports skiing, Rugby, Karate, Horse riding, Sailing, Ballet, CrossFit, Soccer, Alpine skiing, Snowboard, Volleyball, Stage combat, Body building, Fencing (stage)
Title Role Year Director
The time of your life Guest Role 2015 Amit Lahav
Title Role Year Director
Colossus bets Leading Role 2021 James Rawlings
Peroni terzo tempo Supporting Role 2020 -
Title Role Year Director
Freedom Leading Role 2022 Aileen Gonsalves
Romeo e giulietta Leading Role 2021 - 2022 Aileen Gonalves
Jelly Leading Role 2018 Eugenie Abbott
To be or not to be scarlett o'hara Leading Role 2017 Ralph Cericola
Family values Leading Role 2016 David Gasparetti
Title Role Year Director
Uefa pro licence Leading Role 2019 - 2023 Russell Watters
Not for broadcast Guest Role 2022 Jason Orbaum
Hsbc eap Supporting Role 2021 Richard Crombie

Title Yes queen
Role Supporting Role
Year 2021
Director Annabella Forbes

Title The silver kings
Role Supporting Role
Year 2015
Director Rowan Jacobs

Title The time of your life
Role Guest Role
Year 2015
Director Amit Lahav

Title Colossus bets
Role Leading Role
Year 2021
Director James Rawlings

Title Peroni terzo tempo
Role Supporting Role
Year 2020
Director -

Title Freedom
Role Leading Role
Year 2022
Director Aileen Gonsalves

Title Romeo e giulietta
Role Leading Role
Year 2021 - 2022
Director Aileen Gonalves

Title Jelly
Role Leading Role
Year 2018
Director Eugenie Abbott

Title To be or not to be scarlett o'hara
Role Leading Role
Year 2017
Director Ralph Cericola

Title Family values
Role Leading Role
Year 2016
Director David Gasparetti

Title Uefa pro licence
Role Leading Role
Year 2019 - 2023
Director Russell Watters

Title Not for broadcast
Role Guest Role
Year 2022
Director Jason Orbaum

Title Hsbc eap
Role Supporting Role
Year 2021
Director Richard Crombie